Judith Duncan

Obituary of Judith Duncan

Judith Ann (Judy) Duncan, 79, passed away peacefully at her home in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday, May 10, 2018.  Judy was born in Hammond, Indiana on November 27, 1938, the eldest child of three children of Bob and Helen Duncan.  She was married twice, first for 17 years to Terrence (Terry) Ingram, and then to Craig Kintzel for 23 years.  She lived in Southern California for 16 years, and spent the latter part of her life in Indianapolis, near her daughters and grandchildren. 

Judy is now with her loved ones that have left this life before her, including her 18 year old son Kenneth Charles (Casey) Ingram, her first husband Terry who passed just five months before her, her brother-in-law Cliff Raven, her parents Bob and Helen, and her younger sister Joyce Duncan.  She leaves behind her daughters, Lisa Raven and Julie Urasky, her son-in-law Alan Urasky, her granddaughter Anjulia Laskowski and her husband Patrick Laskowski, her grandson Maxwell Urasky, granddaughter Katherine Urasky and grandson Ulrik Urasky. Judy also has three more grandsons that she loved dearly, Luke (Christy), Clark and Caleb (Alexis) Ingram. Judy’s extended family from her second marriage also survives her, including her ex-husband Craig Kintzel and her stepchildren Kristie Knorr, Keanan (Doria) Kintzel and Kurtis (Kimberly) Kintzel.

A little of Judy’s story:  She was an only child until she was seven and grew up loving long solitary walks on the country roads near her home and as a result she always treasured her quiet time throughout her life. She was a voracious reader, did the NY Times crossword puzzle in pen and earned the nickname “Webster” from her children because of her extensive vocabulary.  She always had a beautiful and well-tended garden everywhere she lived and also spent countless hours gardening with Lisa and Julie at their homes while listening to reggae and sipping her ever-present bottle of ice water.  She loved being the Poison Ivy Police for Julie’s vast yard, and even though she never could sing a note on key, she loved cranking Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night album back in the late seventies (while the children were trying to sleep!), and going to the Dunes and on long family bike rides when the kids were little. She loved and was so proud of her grandchildren, often taking them on outings to the State Fair, the library and the zoo. She was a dancer in her younger years and was always a passionate fan of ice skating competitions, as well as an expert seamstress who among other things, created three beautiful high school dance dresses for her tall daughter Lisa. She absolutely adored angels and always had them in her home and her garden, she could draw a beautifully elegant sketch of a horse in minutes, and she made her signature layered birthday cake year after year, a tradition that her daughters now carry on.  A hip injury in 1967 left her with nerve pain for the rest of her life – despite that, she raised four children, helped build several businesses with her husband Craig, spoke to audiences of thousands at conventions, water skied, snow skied, danced, bowled, played tennis, gardened, traveled and got a lot of enjoyment out of life.  She was a beautiful woman who charmed all she met, and she will be missed. 

Judy didn’t want a formal service, only that she be cremated, so her immediate family will be planting her ashes within the roots of a young tree so that she can be a part of the natural world that she so loved and tended to throughout her life.  If you are so moved, in lieu of flowers, a donation to American Forests would be appreciated.  www.americanforests.org


A Gaelic prayer that Judy Loved,


“Be thou a bright flame before me

Be thou a guiding star above me

Be thou a smooth path below me

And ever a kindly shepherd beside me

Today, tomorrow and forever.”





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