Para  Gale

Obituary of Para Gale

Para Lee (Jones) Gale, 59, of Indianapolis passed on to be with the Lord on May 7, 2018. Para was born in Centralia, Illinois to Otis and Gloria (Burris) Jones.  Para was a life member and the Minister of Music – Oasis of Hope Baptist Church and served for over 20 years. Para Lee was a gift to the world gifted to serve and she served her community with her heart for Music, Teaching School loving Children and Serving the Lord. From the young age of ten years old, Para Lee displayed her musical gifts when she began to play piano, learn Tap Dancing and formed her first dance group that performed on a stage in the back yard of her family home.  She asked her father, Otis Jones to build a stage so she could have neighborhood talent shows as she’d seen on the “Spanky/Our Gang” children’s television show.  Para Lee was a visionary and philanthropist, she sought to bring joy to her friends and family through music and entertainment and became a philanthropist when she donated the proceeds from her backyard shows to Cross Roads Rehabilitation Center. Para Lee attended IPS School #43, Broad Ripple High School where she was further developed her musical skills Madrigals Classical, Acapella and Choral Choir, Golden Singers, Pompom Core and numerous other leadership and student accolades and achievements. Para Lee graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor Degree in Music Education & Performance and further completed extensive studies in music education at Butler University and IUPUI. Para is preceded in death by her father, Mr. Otis Jones; two brothers-in law, Wayne and Andrew. She is survived by her loving and devoted husband of 12 years, Ronald Gale; daughter, Tierra Gale; mother Gloria (Burris) Jones; sisters, Sabae (Gregory) Martin and Evelyn (Eric) Johnson; nieces, Ganesha Martin and Eryca Johnson; nephew, Gregory Martin, Jr.; brother-in-law, Darrell Gale; grandchildren Kentavious, Kamille, Kristan and Kemeron.